Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Getting our toes wet?

Lets get this boat in the water, this is the first post of "Perl diving with the sharks...". I'm not what you would call a newbie to perl coding, I've been doing administrative scripts on various platforms and applications for about 18 years now. Also I'm not as familiar with using concepts like styles and best practices, but rather a kinda "If you want to put a nail in the mast, use a hammer..." approach to coding. But like all old fisherman I know a few tricks and also a bunch of the good places to go fishing.

This is not a structured course in perl, more like "catch of the day" coding problems. So I'm not sure of which direction these tidal currents will take us, but it should be an adventure for all. I will be talking about the tricks I've learned over time and some of the good references I've found to resolve my issues. And as I have said, I'm not an expert in all things perl, so for the perl gurus out there, please feel free to rebut and comment any thing that you feel might be constructive to the subject at hand. As a whole don't be shy about commenting, remember the only stupid question is the one you didn't ask and constructive criticism can always help.

Also my apologies for all the aquatic and fish references, but in light of the title of this blog, I think it is my duty to stick with this theme. This is my so to speak "Hook in cheek" style of bringing levity to what would other wise be just another boring technical piece of chum. So as I'm having fun writing about my adventures in perl, I hope you enjoy it and have fun with it also...

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